The Aiiku Hospital is an obstetrics and gynecology hospital in which 1,300-1,500 women have deliveries per year. There are several women doctors, and staff members can speak English.

More than 80% of the women who deliver at our hospital choose to have a "painless delivery" with epidural anesthesia and experience an "enjoyable delivery" without feeling pain. Our delivery methods have received high evaluations.

There are various types of rooms, from private rooms to rooms for multiple women. "Family rooms", in which a woman can stay with her husband and older sibling(s), are very popular.

Chefs specialized in Japanese, Western, and Chinese foods prepare meals, which are more beautifully presented and more delicious than foods served at any restaurant.
* Needless to say, we serve vegetarian meals. Please do not hesitate to ask.
* We also serve meals for family members staying in family rooms.

Advantages of "painless delivery" with epidural anesthesia

Needless to say, "natural delivery" is also a wonderful way to deliver. Although it is somewhat "difficult", one can feel an excellent "sense of achievement" after giving birth to a baby. There is nothing as beautiful as the face of a mother immediately after delivery. It is indeed a smiling face of Venus.

At Aiiku Hospital, we offer meals centered on vegetable-based foods with the addition of eggs and dairy products for those who request vegetarian meals.
A registered dietitian is available to consult with those who wish to have meats, fish, or shellfish excluded from their meals.
Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns.
We make an effort to create enjoyable meals incorporating seasonal flavors and traditional events.