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Vegetarian Diet

At Aiiku Hospital, we offer meals centered on vegetable-based foods with the addition of eggs and dairy products for those who request vegetarian meals.
A registered dietitian is available to consult with those who wish to have meats, fish, or shellfish excluded from their meals.
Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns.
We make an effort to create enjoyable meals incorporating seasonal flavors and traditional events.

Sample Menus


While ensuring nutritional balance during hospitalization, we have created meals featuring seasonal ingredients and flavors.


With fish as the main dish, this menu also incorporates mushroom and vegetable soup. Served for your enjoyment with a balsamic vinegar and red bell pepper sauce.


This menu features seafood served with a variety of other dishes. Nata de coco is one of our dessert offerings.

Breakfast(French toast)

Savor our popular French toast, made according to our chef’s signature recipe.


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